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  • I'm new here, but not new to life. You're an important person to a lot folks, it seems. Get better. Be well. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.
    I googled the name you had given but nothing popped up? Thanks for your help man I am extremely thankful.
    Hey warrior shoot me a pm brother im onthe cell and need to ask a question i cant sen a pm butnif tou message me j can respond thanks bra
    Hey warrior how you been brother? Just received are. From mjr today give me the 411 is it legit quality shit?
    Hey warrior what up man I see you've used Mjr caber. Any good? What sources you recommend for it
    iphone 6 unlocked .net - iPhone 6 release date, news and rumors - The new iPhone rumors are hotting up. Here's what we've heard about the likely release date, price and features.
    So today was pin day and it's the first time when pinning in the glute I felt it go into the muscle the last like 2 cm. however I did work legs like the day before could this be the cause of feeling discomfort when going into the muscle? And also do I really have to worry about 1.5 inches penetrating the muscle or will it every time.
    Hey Warrior, is there any supplier you would recommend over another? Just thought I'd ask which ones have better goods....
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