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    SB Labs bloodwork thread

    Bloodwork 6 weeks on test e 500mg/wk and tren a 150/wk, 48 hours after last pin
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    New here? Updated List Thread! SB LABS

    Can I have an updated list please? Thank you!
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    TikTok Star Says She Needed Surgery After Losing Vibrator in Butt

    Too much time on their hands lol
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    Just another way for them to keep the power...
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    How much are you paying for gasoline?

    $6.19 for 93 in NY, but $5 in home state
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    Flying with gear. Domestically

    Friend of mine just ships it to where he's going
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    A Endocrinologist’s reddit post ! So F’d up ! My Rant!

    On TRT now and it's still frustrating sometimes dealing with the doc
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    Sblabs primo enanthate test results

    Great labs
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    Who hasn’t tried FLASH LABS yet?

    Also just joined, haven't tried Flash but they're on my list of possibilities
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    ASF Rules-Must Read

    Sounds good
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    Preferred injection sites

    I don't pin often right now and am just starting out, but rotating between quads and ventroglutes
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    1st cycle lets be real

    Bloods are good for verification but really once you commit, you're already going to be working harder anyways