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  1. Velociraptor44

    Real life problems

    Also hotwheels would fuck most these queers
  2. Velociraptor44

    Real life problems

    kek is wright… these old queers dont get it..,. Jersey Devil you were nice to me. Fuck the asf pedos
  3. Velociraptor44

    So many over-sensitive cunts in this country

    you sir on onto something
  4. Velociraptor44

    The US government bombs….

    Love your family and raise them proper wow that makes me a terror merchant
  5. Velociraptor44

    The US government bombs….

    We should be suprised? Deems are faggots as well as corporate counterpart republicans. Our “officals” are faget regardless of the coats they wear.
  6. Velociraptor44

    Real life problems

    you know how to sage?! Much respect! But you sound like reddit level queer… which i still respect - - - Updated - - - CrippleChan for the win
  7. Velociraptor44

    Real life problems

    I hate deems as much as anyone… but you fags have enough time to post in an anabolic basket weaving forum to feel decent?
  8. Velociraptor44

    So many over-sensitive cunts in this country

    i wish old boomers would stop making boomers threads like this… also, smokey you are dope people.. good seeing you around ole pal
  9. Velociraptor44

    Look at her pooper

    Quality asshole is always a plus…
  10. Velociraptor44

    NPP over 40, First Time User

    Some post the phenyl prop nandrolone chart… its a mem at this point. Even a low dose of nandro especially Npp is a good add in. Twice a week pinning keeps the plasma levels on point. Me dr has me on at 170mg weekly thru my compounding pharm and its helped
  11. Velociraptor44


    Labs back in the day were on point… my fag dr wanted me on danazol which imo is trash. Is GR still doing legit provi?
  12. Velociraptor44


    Been along time… hope you gents are doing well. Btw what happened to that jew from Brazil?
  13. Velociraptor44

    Spotify Removes Neil Young's Music After His Joe Rogan COVID-19 Ultimatum

    Neil Young sold his music catalog to Black Stone.. enough said. He also said “fagets” shouldnt handle your potatoes and abandoned 2 of his 3 children that had ALS. Heart of gold my ass fumny enough his handler at Black Stone is a Pfizer rep
  14. Velociraptor44

    Private VPN

    Nord is fed friendly…
  15. Velociraptor44

    ADL Changes Definition of Racism

    we can pack our own lunch and raise our own families. We dont need the feds to raise us.