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    DNP source

    I read it’s uncomfortable to be on too.
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    How many days a week are y'all training

    Legs Push Pull Rest Legs Push Pull Rest Legs Push Pull Rest etc. I’ve noticed with me running a Legs Push Pull Legs Push Pull Rest, by week 4 my joints are aching and by week 6 I’m in the hole pretty bad.
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    If you’re doing SLDL or RDLs with strict form and taking the movement through a full range of motion, it will be enough to disrupt your hamstrings and signal hypertrophy. The only reason I do leg curls afterward is purely for knee health.
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    New guy here need some direction

    What are your stats? How’s your training and nutrition?
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    Best way to raise test?

    The above is all great but I would like to put an emphasis on sleep.
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    What do you eat pre workout?

    Honestly, I do sugary cereals. It’s probably not ideal but I love them. I’ll eat anything with marshmallows then I’ll have a quick shake. I’ve stayed pretty lean while doing this surprisingly and the carb count from the cereal alone is around 150g-200g. I’ll eat this an hour and a half before...
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    Pre work out cheat code

    J “Jet Fuel.” I love it. I’m gonna start using that phrase.
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    Who here uses machines and cables only and your favorite brand?

    I just recently started squatting in the Smith Machine and I’m most likely never going back to a free weight squat unless I’m extremely depressed and want to have the feeling of 400lbs on my back and the risk of it crushing me.
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    Bad gear?

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    Any hip thrusters here?

    What is this butt blaster you speak of? Sounds like an Anal scene.
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    How long usually do you run your cycle?

    This was most likely an IQ test for the board.
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    Acne while taking test

    It’s not something you take orally. It’s like a cream you put on your face. It’s usually a clear liquid. I do it AM and PM. You find it on Amazon or any store that carries skincare products.
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    Any hip thrusters here?

    I’ll spot you next time.
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    Any hip thrusters here?

    Hey, what’s wrong with leggings?
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    Tren cycle

    Saw him in another post and was like wait, isn’t this guy about to run a Tren cycle?