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    Actual mg per mL

    Mixing the 2 after its already been botgled won't make a blend. A blend has to be made with raws as a raw. If you mix 2 separate bottles now your ratio will be all over the place
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    Finally stepping on stage 2022

    I can try and update as much as I can... Right now bulking, it's just food... 😂 😂 1st meal I start off with 10egg whites, 1 bagel with 4 servings of peanut butter and 1 avacado. 2nd meal, 9oz of steak and 10oz of rice 3rd meal/snack Costco muffin 4th meal 9oz of steak...
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    Finally stepping on stage 2022

    Been a offical member for 4 years now but lingered long before... Back ground I've babbled in the past on basic cycles but full blown for 2 years now. Coming off from being a full blown alcoholic from 2017 to 2020. Drank everyday from noon to bedtime, craved it, drank it and had no fucks...
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    Is Masteron worth it

    You should "research" a little more there buddy.
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    Is Masteron worth it

    Lower the tren or take it out, wasting it right now. Up the dbol to 75mg. 25mg morning and 50pwo Clesn that diet up. Mast is good but doesn't shine til you're under 10%. Yes it's a good ai per say. But cheaper options out there You have 4 months to cut atleast 6% ouf of the body, you can do...
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    Theory behind the aa water is it doesn't kill the igf-1lr3. Apparently the bac water does. The benzyl alcohol in bac water kills the igf after 3/4 days of sitting
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    Shelf life

    Shelf life is was longer then 8 months 😂 😂 😂 You got years as long as you store the vials correctly
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    You sure it was var???. I only get back pump from dbol, I run var at 100mg with zero back pump, but I can run dbol at 25mg and I get wicked back pump
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    GH timing with food/coffee

    I've always regardless what I eat take 2iu gh pre breakfast or cardio and 2iu post workout after eating my pwo meal
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    Max MG per ML Test Cyp

    Problem with high mg stuff regardless what you do you'll get pip. That's alot of hormone in 1 shot Test c at 300mg crashes here in Colorado... 250 is key
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    Guess My Body Fat **CONTEST**

    12.3% bf
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    Who's traveled to Cancun with gear??

    I'm sure this has been talked about before and I did scroll prior to posting. Couldn't find anything. Anyway I'm traveling to Cancun for vacation. I need to bring 2cc for trt, 20iu of Hgh, Bac water and syringes.. I'm guessing I can bring it across to Mexico in a checked bag but can't bring...
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    What carrier and Hormone always gives you difficulties?

    Nothing really gets my anymore unless it's a trio blend. I just made some test p 100mg/ mast p 100mg/ tren a 50mg. It's got a bite 24 hours later. I ball up for 48 hours then it's gone. When I made it I used 75% eo and 25% mct. Next round of it I'll do 100% eo to see if it has less after bite
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    BPC-157 dosing for general repair

    I guess it all depends on where you hurt.. Top of knee cap, back of knee. Feels like it's in the joint, side of knee.... If it was me, I'd subq next to the injury for a week and see how it feels. I'm not a fan of micro dosing tb500 as some have stated in here, tb500 isn't intended that way. But...
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    BPC-157 dosing for general repair

    As stated several times in the post, inject as close as possible to the injury in a muscle.... If you feel no muscle is close enough to the injury then subq closest to the injury. Super simple