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  • Hey Tren!
    I’m new on ASF but I’ve been reading about you guys forever. I just ordered Test E from Dutch about halfway through my cycle and since I've started the Dutch Gear I’ve noticed a big drop in Sex drive and energy. Is there anyway i can check the batch number or is there any bloods from the Test E that’s recently been sent out?
    Thanks Braddah!
    Hey bro I’m a returning customer about to make another order. Any current discount codes? Thank you
    Hello on 7/7 I ordered under I received email to send payment and did on 7/8. Money was picked up and now a week later seems the order was deleted? Can you help look into it also? I emailed screenshot of the mtcn and proof money was picked up to the email address for the site. I am just worried as I sent $195 and that's why I'm also asking here. Please help
    What's up brother I been out for a while wrist injury lol just getting back in the mix dp is my choice ofcorse and codes or deals happening I appreciate the help
    Hey, I reached out to dutchpharmausa and he told me I should speak with you about doing my first cycle. I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure if I'm doing this message correctly but if I am can you message me
    Still can't get my emails to go thru.
    Cancel my order I'm getting my money back from money gram.
    This is rediculous.
    Hey man thanks for responding in the post. My order number is 102140, with the 40% is there anything I can do about adding to the order? Thanks and hope to hear back from you.
    Tried going to your site, is it down and I tried emailing you back from our previous conversation. Looks like the domain is down.
    Hey I'm new and have been reading the forums. I'm a little sketched out about using money orders to pay for T.
    What website is legit. From what I see people seem to trust you.
    Hey bro I'm trying to buy gear from the website but I'm confused on how to do all the money order stuff. I've been using a local source but the prices are really high so I want to give you guys a try. Can you walk me through how to go through the ordering process? I have already made my account on the website and added the gear I want to my cart so I'm ready to check out. Please help me bro
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