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  • Thanks Shadow! Everything I had researched led me to believe winny nor tren convert. Just wasnt sure about low dosage of test converting and or if any oral would be needed to combat tren effects.
    Thanks again..this is exactly what I needed to know!
    Stay well
    Hey Bundy,

    A factor in what way? Neither winny nor tren convert so estro will not be an issue. However both are damaging to your lipids if that is what you mean, especially winny.

    I would probably just shoot your Test EOD with your Tren to save on shots. 50 Test and 50 Tren EOD is a nice first run with Tren.
    Hey bro..seems like you got a good handle on tren cycles. Im doing alot of research and have learned i don't know much. I would like to run Tren x winy..
    Im considering EOD tren x 50mg
    Test ed x 25mg
    Winy at last 3 weeks of cycle
    Question are orals a factor..tren doesn't convert so im not sure what concerns I should really have. I consider these low doses as I consider my age and this is first cycle in years. Sorry for the post but im not able to pm
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