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  • Emailed SB for a list. Not sure if there or here is the right place to get a list. Either way, if you can PM on here, that's cool too.
    Appreciate the quick response! I'm new to the forum but after doing some reading, SB seems pretty reputable around here.
    Sounds good. Make sure for the correct email address you use the email in my signature
    I need somewhere reputable as well can someone direct me the right way. I always used kings
    Hey man I saw your post about the military. I'm just looking for a little conformation here, I started a test cycle about 4 weeks ago and two weeks in I found out that I'll be going to meps soon ( like within the next week) so I stopped. I only did two injections.and it's now been a little over two weeks since my last. I'm really worried because I've failed a piss test at meps before and got a waiver this time so there won't be any more chances and this is really something I need in my life. So what are your thoughts please and thanks
    Samsung bragged that the Galaxy S5 can endure up to 10 hours of web browsing, and up to 12 hours of HD video playback, which are impressive numbers indeed - See More: samsung galaxy S5 unlocked
    Guys I am not a REP for OP. I am an OP VIP and I am very proud of that just by asking for a list for OP you guys have made a very big step in the right direction as you cannot go wrong with OP. To get a current list please PM Anabolic5150, EZ, or DaMaster.
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