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    First time with T3

    thats what I’m saying, why send bunk t3 with GP label and packaging. Tbh I’m still eating about 3000 cal a day to keep my size on while cruisin on test. Haven’t even been on a real cal defecit. I was assuming the t3 would just help with the body fat and not burn too much lean muscle since I am...
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    First time with T3

    bloodwork can get expensive. I guess that leads to my next topic, who has legit t3? Almost all of my sources are sold out or not taking orders until Aug 11
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    First time with T3

    Thanks for the website. I took a look, is that liquid T3? And how would your rate uncle z t3 from euro pharm?
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    First time with T3

    What’s going on brothers, First post after my intro on this forum but not new to the game I’m currently cruisin on test e 250mg/week and decided to add some T3 in. The source where I have been getting my test unfortunately doesn’t sell t3 im currently 5’7 203 lbs 20%bf haven’t been on a...
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    "Allow me to introduce myself...

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    New guy

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    Hello to all

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    New to the forum

    Welcome bro!
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    New Here

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    New Old Member

    Been reading a lot of you input in old be threads on many different forums, you’re very knowledgeable
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    what's up everyone

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    New to ASF

    What’s going on everybody! I’ve been bouncing around forums for years reading threads gaining knowledge and finding answers to my questions. Meso, evo, anabolex, eroids, ug, and asf all good info and reads even some legit sources but I finally decided to make a profile and get active on here...