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  1. Swolewelder

    Sale TD

    Got in on GC’s sale and it was the fastest TA I’ve ever had. GC is normally fast af but this was pretty crazy... I cannot recommend this shop enough.
  2. Swolewelder

    What's a sweet gift you're excited to give to someone this Christmas?

    I will be proposing to my girlfriend of 5 years this Christmas. She is convinced I’m never going to marry her so it will truly be a Christmas miracle 😂
  3. Swolewelder

    High stim PWO

    What high stimulant+nootropic pre work outs y’all using these days? Haven’t used one in a while but, wanted to try one out again.
  4. Swolewelder

    Lower back pumps

    Yeah I’ve been doing mostly chest supported back work and trying to limit how much I do hamstrings. But squats are a necessity because I’m focusing on my quads this cycle lmao I’m gunna give taurine a shot because like you said sometimes I can barely get in my truck let alone drive when the...
  5. Swolewelder

    Lower back pumps

    Lmao now that you mention it I think I remember asking this a while ago hahah everytime I use an oral I suffer for 4 weeks 😂 figured I’d ask for some help. Thanks for the good info brother 💪🏻
  6. Swolewelder

    Lower back pumps

    Very interesting, I had never heard of that. Thanks for the write up!
  7. Swolewelder

    GC Anavar

    I’ve used it at 60mg pet day before and it was one of my best cycles using an oral. So take that for what it’s worth lol
  8. Swolewelder

    Lower back pumps

    Damn that’s some good advice, I’m gunna try some stretching in between sets because as of this week dead’s and RDLs are a no go lol. And work has been pretty unbearable, I spend a lot of my day bent over welding so the back pumps have made my job awful lmao. Thanks for the suggestions guys
  9. Swolewelder

    Lower back pumps

    Thank you I’ll give it a shot
  10. Swolewelder

    Lower back pumps

    Y’all know of anything that can help with lower back pumps on cycle? I’m running test and 100mg drol per day and I always get crazy back pumps all fucking day while I’m on orals. I’m sure there’s not much that can help it but any suggestion would help. I’m already drinking 3 gallons of water per...
  11. Swolewelder


    Looks good brother! Job well done 👌🏻
  12. Swolewelder

    Elit3keraed’s From Septic to Shredded

    Congrats on 5 months man I’m very proud of you, keep it going, and fuck Oxys!
  13. Swolewelder

    Amy Coney Barrett Senate Hearings

    Or how about klobuchar going completely off topic and talking about coronavirus response? 😂 I swear all these dems are just CNN talking heads.
  14. Swolewelder

    Winter blast

    1-4 100mg anadrol ED 1-16 600mg Test E PW 1-16 600mg EQ PW 8-16 300mg Tren A PW 1-16 aromasin 12.5mg EOD
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    EQ pct timing

    Quick question. If the half life of EQ is roughly 14 days. At a dosage of 600mg per week how long would you wait to start PCT if you did a 16-20 week cycle? If I calculated it properly it would be like 5-6 weeks after last injection correct?