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    Pharmacom mix 6

    When will this be back in stock?
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    Expired injectables

    Should there be any concern about using them? Getting ready to place an order but see that some stuff is a year past expiration... Thanks
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    Somatropin eta

    Any clue when somatropin will be back in stock? Site has said 2-3 weeks for over a month now.
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    Pharmacom gh

    I generally stick with canada peptides soma, but my normal source is out a month and I've let myself run low. How does their gh compare to cp soma or ansomone?
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    Anyone ever had discomfort while running exemestane

    Im running it as my AI @ 1 tab eod. It seems I get some GI or even kidney discomfort the day after I take it. Read up and its on the sides sheet, but said it might be adjustment to the body. Thinking about going to e3d or even half a tab. Been on it for 3 weeks. Anyone ever had this?
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    Keeping steroid gains discussion

    6' and 230 is still big... But the term is defined in each person's head in their own way. I'm 6' 1", 252#. I don't really feel all that big but get jokes and comments about my size... So I guess I'm bigger than I think.
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    Order update

    That's the reason for the post.
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    Order update

    I havent had a tracking update since 10/6. Curious what average td time is, int'l. If not allowed, delete, buy shoot me a pm with an answer Thanks.
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    High test to tren or high tren to test debate

    If i run high tren to low test i get terrible trensomnia. I run 2:1 test to tren with mast and feel phenomenal all the time.
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    Once again, a+++. 3 day t/a.
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    Chances of hair loss on Test E cycle?

    I had hair loss once. I got stuck out of town with work for 2 weeks while I was on a heavy test cycle. Cold turkey from <1g short ester e4d for two weeks and noticed hair falling out in the shower. Got back on and within a few weeks it stopped.
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    Thanks for the promptness Alan! Feels good to be back with pharmacom.
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    Would you shoot me a PM? Thanks

    Would you shoot me a PM? Thanks
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    Setting Up Calculator for Test Cycle

    That's badass. Definitely in if you choose to distibute it.
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    Sustanon pip

    I've pinned quads once...never again. Glutes and delts for me. Like they said, heat it up, especially if it's an oil. What I do is get a rammikan, the little dishes for dips and ranch and stuff, and put really hot water in it. Put the vial in for about 3-5 min and try pinning that. I've had no...