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    Bulk THEN cut same cycle??

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    Bulk THEN cut same cycle??

    Okay so I was hoping to get one more bulking cycle in before I cut for the summer but timing is kinda off... So my question is can you run a longer cycle, say 16 weeks, but BULK for the first 8 weeks then CUT for the last 8 weeks? I know the steroids don't make up the body composition it's the...
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    AMA vs MLG

    Who has better prop and dbol?? Ive used AMA with pretty good results. Ive heard nothing but great reviews about MLG prop...Im a pussy when it comes to pinning so if I could minimize PIP and Shit like that the happier id be lol
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    Best PCT

    Where do u guys get ur pct drugs? Got mine from AMA. Just curious to see what ur guys "go to" source for PCT compounds are. Wish MLG had pct drugs!!
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    6 week cycle with no HCG?

    Looking to run a 6 week cycle of test prop 600mg/week with dbol for the first 4 weeks with a 4 week PCT of aromasin and Nolva. Do I NEED to run HCG for a shorter cycle like this? I have never used HCG but From what I have gathered it is used to keep ur balls from that all its used...
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    Okay so just stick with HCG? The only reason I ask is cuz I live at home and I heard u gotta store it in the fridge and I don't wanna have that convo with the rents lol
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    Heard about this product called HCGenerate that you're supposed to take ON cycle. Has anybody had any experience with this product? Is it supposed to be used instead of HCG on cycle?? If you've used it, would u recommend it? Ive read great reviews about it so any help would be great, thx!
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    Smoothest prop??

    Who's got the smoothest prop out there with the least pip? I'm a past when it comes to pinning so when I have to pin prop EOD I would rather have less pain. What's ur guys favorite source for smooth prop??
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    Clomid depression???

    So you guys think nolva ad aromasin will suffice??
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    Clomid depression???

    I've heard clomid messes the fuck with your mood. I've been feeling hella depressed and just don't give a shit about this normal?? Should I cut the clomid out of my pct and stick with just nolva?? Currently 5 days into pct
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    AMA labs PCT

    Currently finishing my cycle with AMA labs. Running clomid and nolva from them for my pct. has anyone else run a pct with their product? How can u be sure clomid and nolva are actually working? Thx
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    Test E vs prop for cutting

    I know prop is better for less water retention but is it THAT noticeable? I'm not competing or anything like that just cutting for summer. I hate pinning so I wanted to do E or C instead of prop. Besides manning up and telling me to stop being a bitch about it, any other advice?
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    6-8 week blast cycle help!

    :winkfinger: ^^^
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    6-8 week blast cycle help!

    Looking for a 6-8 week blast cycle before I start my summer cut... Any advice or suggestions?? Thanks!!
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    8 week cycles okay??

    I'm looking to get another cycle in before I cut for the summer. But due to bad timing on my part I dont wanna run 12 week cycle... Any good 8 week cycles or different kinds of dosages to optimize gains in a shorter time period? Yes I know 8 weeks isn't enough but any advice would be great thanks