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  • Hello Sly! please please help me with this! I was searching google to see if helix-pharma Canadian ugl from montreal makes legit or fake products and I have found you from a link in google on this forum attaching a picture of their products, I'm wondering if you know if they are legit or fake? please reply! thanks a lot!
    Besides the Charcoal Black and Shimmery White, the Galaxy S5 will arrive with two extra colors at launch – Electric Blue, and the aforementioned Copper Gold that you can see in the pictures - See More: samsung galaxy S5 unlocked
    Hi Sly, I noticed in a post that you are a fellow french Canadian, I just want to say hello and introduce myself.
    I'm from ottawa, and my focuss is powerlifting. I cycle with gear from time to time, and am getting b ack into the groove after a 3 month break to a reacurring knee injury. Let's keep in touch brother
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