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    Blood pressure

    Also theirs zero info about his lifestyle. We don't know nothing about his eating habits or nothing.
  2. Slayingmetal

    Blood pressure

    You guys are making things extremely complicated than it should be. I had high BP and I fixed it without any Rx.
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    Blood pressure

    In before the " Drink more water " " reduce sodium " " take magnesium " comments. Drink coconut water like Vita Coco or harmless harvest. Harmless harvest has over a gram of potassium each. Drink like 2 or 3 then check bp again. If it gets better its because a potassium issue. Then I can...
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    Tren virgin

    What do you consider a low dose? I'm thinking 100mg per week. You can bail out if you don't like the sides since it's a short Ester.
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    Greg Doucette ADMITS GUILT In The Turkesterone SCAM

    I dont think I've even seen more than 10 of his videos. His voice is annoying af.
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    Blends Q&A

    Maybe blends don't sell that good
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    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    I never got that shit😂😎😎
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    White Rice or Brown Rice?

    I cant digest white rice. So I go with brown.
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    Gun to Ur Head: U can do 3 exercises for the rest of ur life: What are they gunna be?

    Hammer strength iso lateral bench press. Barbell rows. Db curls
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    Her physiques insane
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    Free Gear Contest

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    Non NSAIDS anti inflammatory supplement

    Turmeric is my go to. Also there's a herbal alternative for aspirin I forgot what it's called.
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    Pre workout favorites?

    Bzrk has been my staple preworkout for a really long time. I switched to Super bio freak for a month. It was good but toward the end I had built up a tolerance to it and was taking a big scoop of it. I'm back to bzrk again