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    Cruise Confession

    ^ this is code for "I want your dick in my arse" ^ He is waiting for your response via PM
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    66250 GC Log Prop/Mast/Tren/DB

    I'm going to try that tonight. I do have RX sleeping pills but they make me feel like a zombie for most of the morning
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    66250 GC Log Prop/Mast/Tren/DB

    Thanks Cheap! I still have a lot of adjustments to do to my diet and training. So when I take all that into consideration im pretty happy with the results so far. The gear is Def good in my book. I've been hitting all GC gear for the past couple months and everything has been smooth and pretty...
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    66250 GC Log Prop/Mast/Tren/DB

    Trensomnia has kicked in. For the last 2 days I have waken up every hour. And I mean full on awake, I usually have to get up and walk around or something for like 15 min then I go back to bed for another hour. No Tren sweats tho, I think at this low dose and help with the Masteron that the...
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    Contest TD from Xmas Lotto

    So I got the pack from the contest that Dannie had and it came on the exact day that he thought it would. That alone was impressive. And I guess they were in the Christmas spirit because they threw in a couple bonus items. I'm super stoked to try these out. I'll be holding on to them for a bit...
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    66250 GC Log Prop/Mast/Tren/DB

    I actually never pin delts. I rotate between glute, VG, and quads.
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    66250 GC Log Prop/Mast/Tren/DB

    Quick little update. Ran in the gym real quick for a pump day before I go out with the gf. Took a couple quick pics for you guys. I'm super happy with where I am at right now and I can't wait to see what happens. Have a great and safe New Years !!
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    taking a trip

    I would pin 1.5ml of test before I leave and then 1.5 ml of test the day I get back and leave the Tren at normal doses. I Def wouldn't try to bring anything on a plane now. I have taken stuff to Mexico before but it was years ago and for how long your gone it's not worth it imo . But this is...
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    tren e and liver cleanse

    I always assumed Tren was a liver cleanse. Hhhmmm.. I'd probably go with what they said.. But seriously that was a good question and I'm not trying to be funny. It's nice to see questions like this in the forum. Welcome brother!
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    why do so many people that use steroids look like shit?

    Shoot first ask questions later . What kind of officer are you? Some serious feelings got hurt today because you were slacking on your job.. Hit the desk rookie, your chasing IP addresses for the next week while you reflect on where you went wrong today and the feelings that could have been...
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    Christmas from GC

    Very True, Lok is as good as they come. He kept his word with me before and all was well. Not everybody is like that. I'm a handshake kind of guy if you get my drift. You only as good as your word to me and he is good in my book..
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    66250 GC Log Prop/Mast/Tren/DB

    Yo Trip. What's up man? Hope you had a Merry Christmas. That was totally cool of them and right on time to be honest. This morning around 5am my neighbor saw someone trying to break into my work van and then as I get ready to leave work my van won't start lol. Just got to laugh sometimes. But I...
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    GrAnabolic Androgen Mileage Contest!!

    You might have this one brother.. that's damn close
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    🎄🎄Dear Community (please read)🎄🎄

    Merry Christmas everyone. The board has been solid lately.
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    GrAnabolic Androgen Mileage Contest!!

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