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  • man my computer that I use for.sites is diwn and all I have is a pos phone that as you xan.see sucks will be back up timmorow I hope.sorry I can't see all tje pms on this phone
    Hey there some blood work in. Discussion forum and theres a couple in mlg forum maybe they take them down after a few days but it isnt a thread title the guys post blood work in middle of threads and shit but i seen em.....i seen test levels at 3100 and some 2650 just search alittle
    If you're using the mobile site it may not show up. Switch to the full site or even Tapatalk. I;m not a fan of Tapatalk though. It's fine for surfing but a PITA to do certain things via PM's like keep the quotes active, which you need to do.
    You need to send a PM (private message) brother, not a visitor message like this one.
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