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  • I'm a former customer. Sent order yesterday and said I'd pay with Zelle. DQ said you guys don't use Zelle because of some issues. I told him I could do WU but haven't heard back and that was yesterday morning. Anything I need to do? Also wondering why you guys decided against Zelle. Thanks in advance. Tried to PM....didn't work.
    Hey Sherk, I’m new and don’t know where to ask. We had some conversations about my diet and workout routine. I’ve got that straightened up now. I’m eating 2910-3058 calories a day now...50% carbs 30% protein 20% fat. I had my blood work done and it was 458 total T, I’m ready for some gear and have no idea what to get... there’s so many to choose from. I haven’t tried anything since I was 25, what would you suggest I do for my first in a long time cycle ? I need everything from what to take during and after (PTC)
    Hey Sherk, my order number is 2554. Says processing on the site. Received notice of funds being collected. Can you let me know if it's shipped or not? Thanks Bud.
    Good Afternoon Sherk, I ordered yesterday got the email with confirmation instructions and order #2006. Should I hold off on payment until further notice? Will I need to reorder or is this order technically on hold? Sorry, im sure your getting hammered.
    Please advise
    Thanks Sherk
    Order #2545 just checking to make sure we're still good with the temp closing of kong medical emergency. Money has been received on your end and says processing on the website
    I'm taking this here for help maybe my email is screwing up. I placed an order for about $600 worth of gear. This is my 6th order and probably 20th in my friends group. The money I sent was picked up 9 days ago and I can't even see my order in my account anymore.

    It's order #2039
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and still figuring everything out, not sure how to pm so I hope this is ok to contact you this way. Just had a few ?s about ordering from GP, i think you're a rep. When checking out do I want to use my real name? I'm going to have it shipped to my business, just want to do the right thing the first time to eliminate any issues on my end. Thanks for your help and time, I appreciate it.
    Hey man, I'm new to this forum (new to all this altogether actually). I've only ran a few cycles of what a friend of mine at my gym gets ....and charges way to much for. I'm wanting to order, but not sure how this online ordering works. Should I use my home address and real name, or diff name and maybe get a po box. Any help/pointers and suggestions would be more than greatly appreciated.
    Hey bud,

    Found myself in a bit of a pickle. I have used AMA labs before but it was always ordered through a co-workers friend. (Never met the guy) orders always went through fine, but now I can't get a hold of him. I want to try and just start ordering myself rather than go through someone else. I am a new user in this forum which might seem suspicious but I have just never needed to be a member on these forums. I am just hoping for a little help in contacting the right people to place an order. If you are able / willing to help you can message me back on here or I can provide a safe-mail email address.

    Hope you can help or at least point in the right direction. Thanks bud!

    - B
    Real quick is ama still good for orders? Says they r down to up supplies when I messaged there list today. I'm existing customer and need to get some gear! Thanks
    Hi Sherk, I apologize I can't PM yet for some reason. I have an outstanding order with AMA if you don't mind helping out :) I waited until after monday to ask you.
    hey i order my hgh about 4 weeks ago, i just want to know if it has been shipped or its still on hold thank you
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