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  • Oh ok I see where it says that u r a board reb. Cool. It's nice to have help from the real deal and not just members. Ok so I'll just wait for BigTime's response.
    Thank u so much. That's awesome of u. I'm just anxious as hell. :) plus I'm sure I'm not the only person that's concerned about sending hard earned money through money gram to someone we don't know. Cause when u do the money is gone. I had to send mine to Davis Gross in Washington. Does that sound right or did I get intercepted by a scam artist?
    Thanks. I just recently sent my payment info through the contact us site. No just waiting on a confirmation. Do u think that will get me somewhere.
    Hey shellsfit. I'm new to this site and anxious to get started on my first cycle. I'm just wondering if I made the order correct.
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