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  • Hey man I've got a question on advanced labs Anavar....I'm doing a 8 week cycle at 75grams a day and I only received 2 bottles (20mg/ml and a 30ml bottle). Based on my calculations 2 bottles is not nearly enough... How long was ur cycle for with 3 bottles ?
    Well I hope this is the private section , got your message , thanks bro . And the shit about the newbie is great
    Hi S.B , I know you probably do not care much for me or could care less would be more accurate or even know my status on the forum , however can you please just answer a question , there are a lot of good sponsors on here , Pharmacom being my favorite , but I can not find a google site for MFL , do they have a email you could share ? If not no worries
    Hey thanks for reaching out. There is so much information here. I never knew how complex it all is. I'm trying to do as much research on my own to avoid stupid questions. I'll reach out to you if I find something I can't figure out.
    Bwpinc2016 said:
    Today 05:58 AM
    What's up bro? Like I had said noob here with lots of questions! So this might be long winded but any help would be appreciated. Looking to start a real cycle. I'm 33 6'2 240 about 20%bf
    I've been lifting for about 4 years. My diet isn't perfect but I get about 200+ g protein and the rest is usually on point. Looking to drop my bf and increase size and strength. I want to do this right and go through a couple of cycles but not over do it. I've done some research but there is just so much info out there and I need some guidance. Were would you start with my goals in mind?
    I just sent message about dosing instruction and asked about workout I have... thinking alittle more detail might be needed. I have 7 routines I do eod. I start with 4 sets max reps of standing curls. Then bench 4 sets max reps then preacher curl 4 sets max reps. Then forward incline bench 4 sets max reps. Then reverse row with dumbell 4 sets max reps. Then military press 4 sets max reps then increase weight do 4 sets max reps last bench. Right now the curls are at 60 preacher at 40 and bench is at 150 with max reps between 5-8 in all routines. This takes me right at 90 minutes to complete so there is very little time between sets. Am I on a good track

    Didnt realize this was public... sorry if inappropriate
    If I did my tansaction with advanced thru a p.m will he send me tracking thru a pm or do I have to ask for it? Thanks man
    I just started requesting info yesterday after doing alot of reading and digging on my own only to get burnef twice... can u at least just point me in the right direction?
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