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    Bu tc prop blend

    Any one have a recipe for a boldenone test cyp test prop blend
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    Somabiotech hgh

    I've had nothing but good luck with somabiotechnology their hcg/hmg did the trick
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    Looking for a good Raw source

    Check out alan with hupharma
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    PCT help (updated)(new bloodwork)!

    Long term use of hcg suppresses lh from pituitary that's why you blast it in the beginning of pct only I wanna know what type of test were you takeing as I'd it was a long ester def needs to be longer time b4 beginning pct and I dont think you really had test more like nadalone or tren because...
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    Nipro barrels suck ass.

    Covidien hasn't given me any issues except with slin pins the plunger is a bit to flexible
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    Any sponsors with no minimum order?

    Drugs gear has no min
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    Do you happen to have a recipe for boldenone acetate?

    I'd try 25 or 30 bb 30 has held dhb fine at 100mg its painfull unless mixed with something else tho
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    Dhb anti estrogen effects?

    Cant seem to find any info on this was wondering if you guys think dhb has any anti e aspects to it like other dht derivatives do
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    1 test-cyp

    Pip sucks the first few weeks mix it with your test to reduce it about 4 weeks in right now low dose seems to keep me looking full on deceit
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    hgh pinning question

    If sub q you can reuse and time you go Im def need a new one
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    Testosterone Cypionate(DHB

    Running 250mg test cyp and 200mg dhb right now will up dosage in another week watch out for the pip with debit crippled me the first week been getting better now tho
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    Alternating GH injections with MK-677

    No not yet just starting cycle was going to do pre bloods but bought a car so mid cycle bloods I'm going to do with igf 1 levels
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    Alternating GH injections with MK-677

    That's what I'm planning on doing only opposite gh on training days mk on off days today is tommorowa refeed after all
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    No where to inject

    But does any one have good info on how to find the VG lol I always find nursing things but I cant spin my hand up that way my arms not long enough
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    When to start gh also open to other suggestions

    Well the metformin would only be taken if not takeing the gh that day and thus not takeing the insulin and I'm sure its humalin you cant buy humalog otc you can humalin as I said the insulin is litterily going to be 1iu for 2iu of gh so very low dose then metformin would be taken of off days...