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  • Hey Man, I saw your post about alflutop and I am very interested in acquiring some. I'm a 19 year old decent for guy, I play college golf and don't have time to take off at this point.. The only place I can find it is from Romania on ebay. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks man.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has officially arrived, and while it might not have been able to meet the sky-high expectations, it’s treated us to a ton of new features - See More: unlocked samsung galaxy S5
    Whats good 4m3? I was reading your GH thread and was wondering if you knew a good test source? Email or message me bro
    Whatsup 4m3 looking for advice on who to trust for gh. Every sponsor sats they are legit but maybe you have something different to say. What brands who can I trust etc... email or pmme thanks man
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