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  • Hey saw you post about gear church. Im trying to check it out but cant get on the site. How do you get on it?
    I did talk with entourage about 2 weeks ago and the doc said i would probably qualify for deca but since then they are not answering their phones or responding to emails. Kinda losing hope with entourage cause they apparently are impossible to get a hold of.
    Hey buddy. So you've got to show them records that warrant the prescription of DECA. For example, I have a herniated disk at L3/L4 and Arthritis in my knees. If you have any questions let me know brother.
    I saw in a post you were 200mg of test a week and 150mg deca a week from Entourage hormones. Did you have to show them a need for deca or does Entourage offer that as part of their trt program?
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