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    Snookslayer05 said:
    Today 02:39 PM
    I have a question. I’m new to this page and I saw u said in. Post that you have been using gym gear. I am so lost on this page and trying to find a good lab to get gear from. I don’t know where to look. I’ve been all over looking on here.
    Hey brother, thanks for the input in my posts recently. I have a question about giving out my source via pm on this site. Some brand new member just messaged me asking where I get my gear. I kinda think it’s odd this person would ask me rather than someone else. I don’t trust it and was wondering how you guys handle it.
    How is Americantestosterone. Com going?have you gotten any labs back?my oder came in today, I pinned 250mg of test E, I'll hit it every 5 days to keep my levels steady. Please let me know, how it's working if it's working at all.
    Hey thanks. Just trying to help some people. I had to spend tons of time reading and researching to figure things out. I have many years experience but the UGL labs and all this info wasn't on the internet last time I was involved with AAS. Different world now.

    I have been looking through your posts. I am looking to gain about 25 lbs. and really like the way your post maid it sound.
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