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    So I've ordered a lot of gear from psl, and small amount from Naps a day later, and I understand xxxxxxx, but Naps also had it shipped from xxxxxxx which I wasn't expecting, also didn't expect them to ship it as quickly as they did, since it took them longer to ship a packaged I've order from...
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    Hey everyone

    Plus I have some gw0742, and injectable sr9009, to also help with stamina and weight lose, which I haven't used yet since I want wait until all my gear arrives before I use them.
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    Hey everyone

    I know you can't completely drug your way into shape, but just using this as ancillary to help speed up the process, and yes a I have my diet under control consuming between 2300-2000 calories per day, and running two miles a day. Already managed to lose 15 pounds in one month doing this...
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    Hey everyone

    New guy here. I'm a 23 year old college student. I've been continously researching PED's for over two years, and recently decided to pull the trigger on PED use. I have a couple of cycles under my belt, and I'm in the process of starting a new cycle which consists of, hgh, tren base, test...
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    5 out of 5 rating for PURITYSOURCELABS.RU Steroid Source Reviews

    Second time ordering with PSL. Had fantastic experience with them with my first order, so I decided to order from them again, I plan on logging all of my progress from this cycle on a weekly basis. This will be a 16 week cycle. Stats height: 5,8 Weight 160lbs Communication & Ordering process...