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    My apologies

    Sorry tried to edit but not quick enough
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    My apologies

    Thanks for the contest. 2839 3269 2649
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    T400 or SUS250?

    You must first let us know if your 400 is a blend or not?Be forewarned(unless already hip) that usually a concentration of a test or tests that high per mg. has a bit of a bite/pip to it.Though not always
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    Jswole220 and Praetorian testing

    What's wrong with the obvious easy solution? At the beginning of one of these Jswole threads doesn't MAX MUSCLE claim to have some of the same unopened oils and orals in question???
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    Bad testing results on praetorian gear

    Thanks as well Jswole. I believe we both may be on another forum in particular where testing is a regular thing. People are good enough to send out there own samples without any reimbursement other than it being regular practice and a lot of members donate to the cause. We all know the " cause...
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    6 Wks No package

    Seems this is a weekly thread.WTF people don't watch the news???
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    Finally back in my gym!!

    Get that blood flowing. 15th my gym opens, one of the last cuz they got childcare.
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    George Floyd is still alive.

    Don t forget Hoffa
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    Who’s excited for Pharmacy brand AAS ?

    Love the Omnas!
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    Bonzo here

    Welcome I need weights too, I m shrinking!
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    This ol fart hit 35 this morning.

    Happy Birthday My son, sons mother and myself are all Geminis. My son was born on Father's day 2002 I think it was. Crazy all 6 of us. I turned 48 on the 25th. You're still a young buck. State of mind.
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    Another TD

    3 good sources right there!
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    DEA appreciation thread

    I m only here for " your sources' email " and the trannys' and I ve yet to find either. FML
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    Ive lost weight my dick

    Small cocks are??? I should be a superstar.