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    Did I miss something?

    Guess I missed it too. Been out of country 3 months plus. So the concept here if I was an AY customer before I am GTG? Nice being back in the US of fuckin A. Southeast Asia is hell on wheels. But OMFG. Thai women!
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    testing tren?

    Dosage? What other compounds concurrent? If say your dose of tren a is 50mg id your gonna know it in short time. Like a week or less for me.
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    testing tren?

    There are specific tests for specific compounds/metabolites. If you are drug testing for employment or random w/bloodwork (very rare) then even the 7 or 11 panel tests do not include testing for roids. They want to know if you are impaired. As nby posted, you will know. Bout day 5 for myself...
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    Quality Anabolics Should Be Voted Off ASF?

    I emailed for a list just to check em out. I use three different sponsors here that have proven to be the best. YVMV. But after reading the neg. posts I was intrigued. Got a list immediately. Guess getting the product, if at all, may take a lil longer. Hope it all works out.
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    NUTRABIO BCAA's. Powdered, quality, priced right. Been using it 2+yrs.
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    longest you ever ran tren?

    12 wks. Will begin a 16 to 20 wk. cycle mid Sept.
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    Waiting for the tren e

    Been MIA for a few months. CA is the greatest. Mostly only finding Test in most CA mkts. Nica it is $11-$15 USD for 10's. Warm weather, warm people, HOT women. But only if you like caramel, cafe aulait or chocalata. I shun the merican tourists. But now I'm back and would like to know who has...
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    Rarpe labs Lento Martone, a testosterone enanthate

    Hello again, I'll be moving on down to Nicaragua at this yrs. end. Been on TRT almost 2 yrs. The above is whats found in the farmacia. Step right up with your $. About $3.00 per ml. I have read. Any readers in Nicaragua? Guatemala? Honduras? El Salvador? There is a pact between those four...
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    Curious what Dr would say

    Sound advice audix.
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    replacement therapy

    Most excellent. Best of luck.
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    Fatty Still Lose Weight, Just weight lifting?

    Would you like Cheetos with that? I'm not makin fun of you, well maybe a lil. Seriously though; Results = Efforts..... As in period.
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    Worlds strongest Vajayjay

    Disturbing yet I couldn't turn away.
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    Old Dawg, new start

    Best of luck Metalhead. Keep us posted.
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    replacement therapy

    Your employer is most enlightened or you are staff of a HRT Clinic? Or both?