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    I was just wondering if any one has tried Blackstones labs new trenabol? How was the gains from this, as well as any sides that they may have had.
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    Look >>>>>april fresh contest!<<<<can you see me now?

    Dath!! Good to see you back! Hope all is well
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    Resend touchdown thread

    totally my pleasure. And thank you to you guys! outstanding that you/Z would stand up and shout out that what ever was wrong, would be made right! Says a lot in my book! (which is just a small book with pictures really)
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    Curious what Dr would say

    Most insurance companies will except TRT as long as the prescribing doc has enough information to put you on a TRT course. you are able to prove the need for TRT by the labs that you had done, so if it is legit, then you have valid claim to insurance.... if they cover it or not would be in the...
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    Resend touchdown thread

    See if this works
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    Resend touchdown thread

    attempting to post up pictures
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    Resend touchdown thread

    First pack has landed and waiting for the second pack to pull out its landing gear. Once all as landed i will post a few pictures. I didn't think this would happen, Thank you Z for proving me wrong!!
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    replacement therapy

    I have an advanced pract degree, which is a real fancy way of saying I work in a clinic/Hosp that is trying to undertake the expanding field of HRT
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    replacement therapy

    That's a good thought, depending on what the insurance would cover for the person, would determine which medication would be given. The amount given would be determined by resulting lab values for that person, thank you for your input, the real world experiences is some thing school can not teach
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    replacement therapy

    Thank you for all the tips and suggestions, finally got the final copy in.
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    replacement therapy

    As stated in the second paragraph, I just to see if you guys had any input on the look of this type of protocol
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    replacement therapy

    I have been given a unique opportunity to present a policy and procedure for testosterone replacement therapy to my employer. My direct chairperson is liberally active with the progression of hormone replacement with in both male and female. My female counterpart has been given the opportunity...
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    Great forum but gotta go...

    WOW!!! Funny shit
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    AIDS Cured?

    A cure for HIV/AIDS.... not to sure about this as of yet.. The real test will be down the road in about 6 months to a year with out the meds. Should be interesting to see the results
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    * Fadogia Agrestis vs HCG

    Now this is news to me! Happy to find this out