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  • What's up pittsburgh!
    Long timer follower of you (Olympus)
    At that time you all had the best service hands down. Need your help once again..

    AY?? It doesn't matter I guess (your sr member) can I get a copy of what's on the menu. Need to order and ins/out on placing order
    Thanx in advance
    Hey there. Long time international us timer. Having trouble getting hold of AY to organise order. Can you help me out?
    Hey man jersey devil said for me to pm you back to say disregard my message due to the fact you may be busy but thanks anyways man
    Hey bro i saw some of the guys talking about the green team and you being the man i needed to talk to! I am from the old fitness board and worldclassbodybuilding i been away from ths gear world for a while teying to get back in could i get price list and first time order instructions?? Thanks in advance!!
    Hey Pittsburg. I was hoping to get some info on the private source " the reviews are all awesome . Thanks a lot man
    Hey man! I was going to inquire with you about the "private source" the adwal guy said he got his stuff from. Thanks for helping.
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    Hello! I was looking at the lab test section and noticed OP and AYou seem to be the most highly talked about labs! That's awesome! I'm waiting on OP to send me there list and was curious if you can send me the list for AY and details for first time orders please. . Thank You and looking forward to hearing back from you! Pm or email me either way. Thanks again.

    hey my man, just a shout out at my boy, i hope your in good spirits, you need me just holla at ya boy !!!
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