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    Blood results

    I did this test that I got from a thread about ordering blood work... Mid cycle bloods can not be done as cheaply. The testing method needs to be LC/MS. The privateMD female panel cuts off at a test level of 1500. You can use the female hormone panel from Labsmd.com LabsMD - Simple and Secure...
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    God damnit

    I had a similar problem like this one time. Got about 12 vials of different compounds all nice and vacuum sealed. One vial was busted and leaked in there. I wipping the oil of the other vials with a paper towel and noticed it wiped the words right off the label on about half of them. I have no...
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    Blood results

    And isn't 1550 test level very good for just 250 mgs of test or is that pretty normal. Again I know it varies greatly.
  4. Pathadden

    Blood results

    Actually I just took a 25 before I even read this. I will do like you said for a while and recheck. Thank you for reply.
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    Blood results

    I'm 41 and been running gear on and off for a long time and I am no expert by any means. I have run many compounds but mainly stick to test tren mast. I have run ridiculous amounts and conservative amounts. Just saying that to give background. Now I normally don't check my blood work. I know...
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    First order

    Just received my first order. Service was awesome. Easy ordering and quick delivery. I ordered some black tops and they even threw in a couple of extras. Thank you
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    Injectable YK-11

    Yall got me very interested in this. I have been running rad 140 sr9009 injectable and Gw501516 and I'm super impressed. Might have to try this as well
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    Accidentally took too much

    I take a 100 so you should be fine. As far as cramps you could just stay hydrated and maybe drink a little bit of pickle juice
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    What's your best cutting cycle?

    I usually feel pretty good. Suffer from insomnia a little bit on it.
  10. Pathadden

    What's your best cutting cycle?

    How do you like and how good does the water out work for you. I may need to look into that. I hold water very easily.
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    What's your best cutting cycle?

    A little bit of test. As much tren as I can handle without side effects with a equal dose of masteron and some winstrol.
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    Having trouble staying hard

    If you are running any high stim pre workouts especially if they contain dmaa cut them out. I had this problem. And yes proviron Also helped me. But any thing else with the test and ai is purely guess work without bloods. I know because I have been through this guessing game. And then stress...
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    GW0742 Advance cardio supreme formula by EP?

    Anybody try any of this lately. I have no doubt it works just looking for some people with experience with it.
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    1st cycle lets be real

    Oh yeah first cycle didn't know shit. Still didn't know anything for a long time. Took what ever I could get. No blood test no pct. Dbol only at times. Before tren was a big thing in my area at least I would crush up the Fina pellets and snort them. Finally got a conversion kit and lot of funny...
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    Board members Trt/cruise protocol

    I could be wrong but if they are getting it perscribed then it's usually cypionate. That's what my wife gets perscribed anyway for hormones due to a hysterictrmy