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    Juice pal

    GC is gtg
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    Kinglabs Gone?!

    Too many good sponsors here to take a chance on underdosed.
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    Are we narcissists !

    Antisocial, a bit narcissist, definitely bigorexia, I feel like I'm constantly shrinking, wtf is up with that? I get really upset if I have to miss a workout. I'm a total pain in the ass really lol
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    Dispense quick review

    Jayswole introduced me to them, whatever happened to jswole? Anyone know?
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    Dispense quick review

    It was 2019, I ordered from them and I joined in 2019.
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    Jp gear

    So if you are taking a gram of test and pulling 1300 bloods then it can be accurately dosed just poor quality? If I'm taking 750 mg of test pulling 2800 it's good quality and accurately dosed? Or are you saying you can pull 1300 bloods on a gram of quality accurately dosed test.
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    Feeling dbol

    Eat alot and include carbs, dbol loves carbs, train hard drink plenty of water. Dbol works and it works fast . It's highly unlikely JP isn't top notch , They are very well reviewed.
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    Feeling dbol

    If you don't eat your not going to gain, period. But you would still notice the dbol, if your eating and not gaining your dbol has issues
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    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Gear Church Review Thread 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Thank you for doing this. I've used GC for years and I've been saying they are the best on this forum. Ive never tried JP so I'm not knocking them, I have tried multiple sources from here and once I tried GC I saw no reason to look any further. Everything I've tried has been legit, test cyp...
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    ATIPP Question

    I'm running the atipp and I'm getting slight pip, nothing like your describing. 300mg/ml hits me harder a bit but nothing too bothersome. Stuff is fire and well worth it
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    I"m back!

    Welcome back bro! Thank you for squeezing me in before you left!
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    Current GC Cycle

    Man that is alot of gear. Grab bloods when you can
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    Black Lives Matter Founder Buys 1.4 Million Dollar Home Around 'WHITE PEOPLE'

    Well it WAS 1.4 million. Now it's not worth that much and neither are the properties around it.
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    First order TD

    Anyone have any bloods posted yet
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    Deep State Declares War

    Lmfao!! True