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    Good Morning

  2. OfficerFarva

    Good Morning

    Top one is misscarriejune, legsferdayz.
  3. OfficerFarva

    Public Service Announcement to Reps

    Info and links please, I need an update on who’s who these days.
  4. OfficerFarva

    Classic Physique Vs Open Bodybuilding

    Classic Physique. There is nothing appealing about the modern bodybuilding aesthetics, unless one of your fetishes is the pregnant look.
  5. OfficerFarva

    Prep each night or certain days?

    Just did a weeks worth including all of my supplements and meds. It saves so much time instead of opening and closing shit a thousand extra times.
  6. OfficerFarva

    Who's got the best racist memes!!?

    What do you call Mexicans in a barn? Farm equipment. What do you call niggers in a barn? Antique farm equipment.
  7. OfficerFarva

    how would like to die????

    I wish.
  8. OfficerFarva

    Ask Mr Green, Diet, Supplement, Training, Workouts, Gear

    Great for blending in with everyone else at Planet Fitness. :coffee:
  9. OfficerFarva

    Just curious

    I still have no idea what your illiterate ass is saying but post some nudes up and all will be forgiven. :kiss:
  10. OfficerFarva

    Personal Trainer

    Which hand did you rub him off with you fat cunt?
  11. OfficerFarva

    Libido lacking from low prolactin ? ... on test

    Why yes I do indeed have experience in this department. Take the donut out of your fat wife's mouth and put her on a treadmill for 3hrs a day, 10+ incline minimum. If that doesn't work, then introduce her to the milkman, god knows his dick is bigger than your uncircumcised bullshit.
  12. OfficerFarva

    Trump Falsely Blames Canada for Burning Down the White House, Internet Drops History

    Hey Charley, fuck you and your niggers. We burnt that bitch down plus more during 1814. HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?
  13. OfficerFarva


    I wish Trump was my Chief in Commander. Tommy I need to know for future reference, how much under dosed IMR Cialis will I need to take to get a half chub when I'm 93?
  14. OfficerFarva

    Just curious

    I'd like to see a rep who isn't a fat piece of brazilian shit repping for a product every now and then. :coffee:
  15. OfficerFarva

    Personal Trainer

    The dawg is short and balding, btw I didn't see my name on this list.