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  1. NotoriousDev25

    Test E + Anavar cycle (2nd cycle)

    Looks solid. I haven’t tried anavar myself, but I’m thinking about it. Let me know how it goes!
  2. NotoriousDev25

    An Overall Health Supplement Every Man Needs

    Nice info! Curcumin can reduce cholesterol, gonna look into taking this supplement.
  3. NotoriousDev25

    Steroid Acne

    Do you know of any of those supplements by chance?
  4. NotoriousDev25

    Steroid Acne

    I’ve actually read this works in a couple places now, I’m definitely gonna give it a go!
  5. NotoriousDev25

    Steroid Acne

    I’m curious to know what you guys do to keep acne away while on Cycle?
  6. NotoriousDev25

    First Time Customer

    All is good my friends! Dbol is legit, I’m about 7-8 days in and can already see a small size difference.. Adex working well as far as I can tell too.. I actually put in a second order for Test E & Winny 50mg. That shipment already came in as well. Really all I can say about Monster is they are...
  7. NotoriousDev25

    First Time Customer

    Keep us updated on the Test!
  8. NotoriousDev25

    How is the halo?

    I was thinking about trying their halo as well.. I’ll be waiting for your update brother, best of luck!
  9. NotoriousDev25

    First Time Customer

    Oh btw guys I know for sure that the cialis is gtg, I took 20mg last night just to make sure and it’s great. Stuff really works!.. I’ll do a review on the Dbol & Adex in a couple weeks when I know for sure
  10. NotoriousDev25

    First Time Customer

    Yes, I ordered Dbol, Cialis, and Adex.. I’ll have to upload the pic from my computer later
  11. NotoriousDev25

    Dbol dosage times

    I’ve heard that it doesn’t matter, but when taking Dbol do you take the full dose before workout or split it up into two doses throughout the day? I’m basing this off of 50mg tabs, but if you use 10mg, feel free to tell us how you do it as well.
  12. NotoriousDev25

    First Time Customer

    Pack just TD.. & I gotta say that was unbelievably fast. Quickest shipment I’ve ever received. Anyway, everything is here and looks good. I’m starting the goods this week, I’ll keep everyone updated!
  13. NotoriousDev25

    Muscle Tears & Injuries

    Never thought about the BW movements hitting the smaller stabilizing muscles & fibers. Good info man!
  14. NotoriousDev25

    First Time Customer

    Just got the confirmation email. Will inform everyone on the TD.. I plan on doing a review on the goods as well. I’ll keep everyone updated
  15. NotoriousDev25

    Longest Dbol Cycle

    Good info here, what’s a high dose of Var for you?