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    Life outside the United States

    Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, Germany, Ireland, UK, and Iceland. I love to travel and experience different cultures. I've spent times in nice hotels to sleeping on a locals floor. Nothing like fresh homemade food to experience.
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    Stacking orals

    I abused the shit out of sdrol/dbol combos when in my early twenties.
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    Conceal & Carry

    Winter I rotate EDC with G32 .357 sig, G20 10mm, and G19 9mm Summer I EDC G29 10mm or G26 9mm There is always an AR15 10 inch pistol in my truck also.
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    Rad 140 and ligandrol

    Anyone order from either proven peptides or science bio?
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    Conor McGregor v. Donald Cerrone

    No one wants to pay for that shit. We all need a link
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    Favorite Bodypart to Train?

    I love training back
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    I want to run a large cycle

    Basically I want to push my limit for size. I've ran multiple cycles over the years but the past year/ year and a half it's been just trt at 100mgs wkly. I've been working with a nutritional coach and I'm sitting at 5'11 196lbs at 14% bf. I'm open to some cycle ideas but I won't use slin or...
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    Educate me on NPP please

    It's amazing and I put on good size with it. I ran 450 for 12 weeks (test @ 300) but I definitely needed caber to control itchy nips.
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    Tennis elbow (both elbows) discussion

    I'll let you know in a few days. Doc just started me on it today after naproxen wasn't helping.
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    Tennis elbow (both elbows) discussion

    I have golfers elbow right now. I been out of the gym for two months, on anti inflammatory, and icing. Some mornings I can barely move my arms, it sucks
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    Has anyone ran them? Can you give a rundown on your cycle, pros and cons. Thanks
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    Show off your Wife, Ex, Gf part 2!

    You remember KOS and Mrsspringsteens porno back on IML?
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    Weapon of Choice - what are YOU packing?

    Summer Glock 33 .357 Sig, Winter Glock 20 .10MM
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    Death after misuse of anabolic substances (clenbuterol, stanozolol and metandienone)

    Agree. If someone is running gear it's just irresponsible to not check BP.
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    Dark web

    I downloaded the vpn and tor before, had no clue how to work the shit.