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    HEAL = Topical BPC-157 + TB-500 Breakdown of Math

    Hey Wes please up in here when your restocked. Being using inj for several months for my bilateral quad tendon rupture! Tired of the injections!! I want to try this.
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    Anyone seen this steroid kingpin guys video?

    Those labels look very similar to MFL’s labels!! Hmmm!!
  3. Niteboss

    Favorite test Esther?

    Done them all. Iso is by far the best ester for this guy..
  4. Niteboss

    Breast feeding

    Breastfeeding for 3yrs??? Thats not normal!! Sounds like she has a mental deposition!! Abandonmant issues? Separation anxiety?? Dude that shits not normal!!
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    Spotify Removes Neil Young's Music After His Joe Rogan COVID-19 Ultimatum

    He’sfrom that whole hippy generation!! Hes always been a left wing nut!! And hes from Canada.
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    Amino Asylum Ment Trestolone Ace

    You sure dont listen to people.. You have no business messing with it!! Its dumbfucks like you that give roids a bad rep!! Hope you grow bitch tits and your boyfriend loves milking you!!
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    MENT (Trestolone Acetate

    Read the above replies!! You obviously dont know what your doing! Do some research not just asking questions. Read logs and reviews!! But yeah you can run 3 nors at one time. Be prepared for lactation and bitch tits!! how old are you? 20,22?
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    Ruptured Quadracep tendons Both knees

    Completely makes sense why I feel more displeasure at the bottem of my knee.Dr was/is pretty cool. He’s a sports ortho. But he did give me the whole steroids are bad speach!! Which to be honest, I’ve been thinking just trt and gh. I have kept up the trt, thats not gonna stop.
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    Ruptured Quadracep tendons Both knees

    Taking a dump is probably the hardest thing do. I dont have much room from toilet to to the tub. I have one of those seas, but, trying to hold yourself up keeping legs straight takes alot out of you and just give up till YOU HAVE to go.lol I dont beleive I have screws in my legs. He said they...
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    Lets talk bpc157 and hgh

    This is what I am wanting to hear. Thank you. I know Im down till at least july!! But anything to make it heal better is good with me.. Hell I just turned 50 the week before! 😂 Therepy is gonna suck!! I have two females that are gonna work me over. - - - Updated - - - Oh and fuck oxys...
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    Lets talk bpc157 and hgh

    http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/threads/116283-Ruptured-Quadracep-tendons-Both-knees?p=1931798#post1931798 Ok, Im down for many months. I start therapy in 2 weeks. I feel my dr. Is against PEDS. I wanna get some bpc and gh. I was thinking just 2ius gh daily and not sure on the bpc 157...
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    Ruptured Quadracep tendons Both knees

    8 weeks before i get mobility in my knees and maybe drive. He said min. 9 months before any strength training. I honestly dont care if i ever squat again. ironlion for gh and who else for bpc?
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    Ruptured Quadracep tendons Both knees

    Thanks guys!! Its gonna be a loooonnggg recovery.. Surgeon is in sports med so he has been sorta cool, cept he ran bloodwork and found nandolone(npp). “ Stop or your blood vessels wont heal, causing clots” I’m not gonna stop the trt test and possible get some GH, 2iu daily should help heal...
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    Ruptured Quadracep tendons Both knees

    Yep blew out my knees finally! Long story short! 90lbs on each side Standin calve raises on a smith mach. 6” wood platform. My feet slipped and I couldn’t stop it knees buckled forward and i went down snapped the tendons. Im out for a min 8 week Sorry incant upload pics