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    Been awhile, but I'm back...

    Due to injuries I've been recovering for quite some time. Ride/Race dirt bikes and took a crazy spill. Put working out on hold. Usually order from DG, they still g2g? Thinking of Test and Deca (for the health benefits, joints, recovery rate, etc) Appreciate any responses and can't wait to get...
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    steroids at 18 years old

    Post a photo of your current state. Stats, lifting and eating schedule.
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    Looking for someone to build us a new website!

    Wordpress works wonders. And you can maintain it yourself. I use theme forest to buy premium themes, that way it doesn't look like a 6 year old did it. And you can create some amazing stuff. Online ordering too if you want. Best part, Wordpress is free.
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    Pharmacom auction

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    Pharmacom auction

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    The king of all hip thrusts

    Yeah he's a f'in tank!
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    Pharma Tren PIP

    I'm currently running Test and deca at a low dose. So I'll try timing everything so I can mix the two, good idea!
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    Test/EQ/Deca | Unsponsored Log | DG

    14 weeks results are in. I stopped taking EQ as it was causing my Anxiety to go through the roof. But here are my results. Will get an updated photo soon. Measurements Before 2/20/17 | After 5/25/17 Bicep 14 | 14.75Forearm 12 | 12.5 Chest 40 | 42.5 Waist 31 | 32 Glutes 36.5 |...
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    Pharma Tren PIP

    It definitely isn't "that bad", compared to their other stuff, I don't even notice it after injecting, so when I had a little PIP, it was a complete shock haha. Always had great experiences with Pharma. I'll give that a try!
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    Pharma Tren PIP

    1st week running Tren Ace 100 and each time received a decent amount of PIP. Left Glute Monday, Left Delt Wednesday, Right Glute Friday, all had PIP. Not sure if this is normal or not, first time running Pharma Tren. Had no issues with their Test, EQ, or Deca Pin right after a hot shower in...
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    Your weekly grocery list.. (cutting and bulking)

    My family gets a couple cows every year, so I eat a lot of meat. The price per pound is insane compared to a store.
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    Auction time!!!!!!

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    Auction time!!!!!!

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    Auction time!!!!!!

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    Sex and tren.