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  • Your order should be fine they are still clearing packages from first our holidays and second the Chinese new year we are starting to see movement in almost all the tracking numbers.
    Mr. Brack
    I was referred to naps by a loyal customer of theirs and while I see others are waiting longer I just want to ask if all is well. He said his orders generally take two weeks and told me just to ask if there are any delays or reasons you might know of. This is my first order and I'm am anxiously/impatiently new to bodybuilding ya know. I am just seeing how this first order goes as a test for me and my mates about future business. Although naps came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine on OLM. My order number is 1454305...so any thoughts would be appreciated thanks.
    Y'all customer service and the way y'all are handling things now is a ridiculous joke. Y'all give ppl false promises and don't honor y'all word.
    Thanks brother. I know tracking can be unreliable at times. It's nice to have confirmation of what I already figured. Thanks for your time.
    Hello brother. I have a question regarding my naps order. Hoping you can maybe shed some light on an issue I'm having. My order#1359643. It appears my package was dropped off to China's postal service at 10/27/16. The tracking# LT333198043CN states that it was accepted to their facility on that day. Unfortunately, that was the only update I have received. In previous overseas orders, the system updates every time the package is moved. This is what worries me. Last time I dealt with this, it was returned to sender. After 10 days it should of, at the very least, made it to Chinese customs. But, no recorded movement what so ever. Thank you for your time sir. I'm definitely not in panic mode, I just find it odd is all.
    Hello! I placed my order on 1/23 and it was shipped on 1/30 order # 599842. I know it's before 30 days but was just wondering if it would take much longer? Thank you for your help! 😃
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