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    (new product) test base/superdrol/tren base

    I used up all the tne blend, and im about to order the king kong stuff - im glad i read this post before i made my order so i wouldn't miss it.
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    (new product) test base/superdrol/tren base

    The TNE/anadrol/dbol mix was great, and im looking forward to trying the new king kong mix.
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    Relapsed hard

    I dont understand you guys who beat yourself up over alcohol relapsing. Sure, any addiction is bad, but in my view you basically just had yourself a little too much of a fun time - and thats hardly anything worth making yourself feel bad about.. we all make mistakes. If this post were...
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    Sale sale sale

    wheres the dbol?
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    TREN and how my body cannot seem to function without it

    My EKG, blood pressure, and everything else are fine. Running trenE as low as 100mgEW, I didnt really notice any withdrawal when i switched to pure TestE, however, I did double the dose to 500mgEW - and my plan WAS to knock the dose down to 250-150mg EW to be on an official cruise. However...
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    TREN and how my body cannot seem to function without it

    For over a year or more I ran my TRT off an on with about 100-200mg of tren per week. About 6 weeks ago I decided to completely cut out the tren, leaving me on about 500mg TestE (increased from 250) and the experiences I had were very unexpected. 1st symptom: My sex drive decreased drastically...
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    SM-102 and nanoparticles for delivery of mRNA-based vaccines.”

    For what purpose would luciferase be added? Its a class of enzymes that produce light.
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    Big guy w/ low T trying to lose weight

    When I was overweight at 19 and low testosterone (between 300-350), no amount of diet or cardio seemed to help me lose weight at 240lbs. Once i started trt shots, the weight began coming off at about 2lbs per week. I've never looked back and im 29 now. Life is much better on T.
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    Wtf. Tore my Tricep off today...

    I always thought testosterone would strengthen tendons and joints. On a Joe Rogan interview with Louie Simmons, he said that he doesn't believe they do - and hes been on test since 1970. I'm not able to find much info on the topic, and google keeps directing me to corticosteroids instead of AAS...
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    Wtf. Tore my Tricep off today...

    Do AAS increase the risk of tears?
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    Netflix Reviews and Recommendations

    Just finished 7th son. Its a bit like lord of the rings with some very attractive female antagonists that are witches. Definitley worth a watch
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    Using dick pills

    Has anyone ever heard of Tri-mix or know where to obtain it? I also hear injectable viagra is amazing.
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    SXript reviews/experiences

    It would appear that the test products are suspect and I will most likely tell my clients to increase dosages to account for the issue. thanks for posting
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    SXript reviews/experiences

    I got my pack in about a week and a half ago. Plenty of trest, Test E, and tren. I've been running the trest since it came and i've been loving it. I'm on about 40mg daily and im eating a lot, feeling great, and making some pretty sick progress so far in the gym. Prior to this trest, I was on...
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    Pre exhaust training for hyperteophy

    great post