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  • they are taking down my posts... here is what i wrote... FUCK FEREAL

    University testing my fat black ass.

    Another guy was over the moon with his bloodwork while running Feral Test cyp. He posted he thinks his other source had underdosed tested just because he scored much higher on ferals test cyp and mast e (MAST E WAS TEST WHICH EXPLAINS THE HIGH LEVELS)

    What's up man how can I get a price list? I've heard some good things and I'm looking to possibly become a lifelong customer...
    Hey brotha, was wondering if you could help with seeing when an order would be sent out? Can't get a response from the email.
    Do they have pm or do they all come up on ur page ? Cause will contact u tmrw morning for the details how to get this shit done.
    Hey i know u dont know me from a can of paint but please if u can let me know whats up with something to help me bulk up. Just ordered from somewhere and all they did was take my money! I will be a LOYAL customer if u give me a chane on some gear. Shit anyway u need me to prove it i will sorry to bother u.
    Hey Mighty Mouse cheap threads told me to get in touch with you. I just got burned for 400 bucks by AT last week. I am in the middle of a test e run was wondering if I could try some advanced labs gear. Thanks in advance

    Hey man what's up. Heard nothing but good things about you. Wondering if I could place an order.
    Is the sale price list going to be public or private message. If private message please send. Thank you yall going to kill it today
    Bwpinc2016 said:
    Today 05:58 AM
    What's up bro? Like I had said noob here with lots of questions! So this might be long winded but any help would be appreciated. Looking to start a real cycle. I'm 33 6'2 240 about 20%bf
    I've been lifting for about 4 years. My diet isn't perfect but I get about 200+ g protein and the rest is usually on point. Looking to drop my bf and increase size and strength. I want to do this right and go through a couple of cycles but not over do it. I've done some research but there is just so much info out there and I need some guidance. Were would you start with my goals in mind?
    Another member screwed by mfl TWICE. I see some guys on the boards are trying to help fellow members out. Any way you can help a brotha out and gain a new loyal customer(that is if you don't pull a ricky)?
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