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    I’m 44. First cycle with Tren. Currently running 700 Test E. Deca 250mg. Tren E 200mg Tren A 150. Weekly. Week 6. No real issues with the Tren. Had one bad night of night sweats. And my dreams are crazy. But that’s about it.
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    How can I get my RHR down QUICKLY?

    My RHR was 90-110. Doc prescribed propranolol. Works great. Now I’m between 70-80 on a regular basis.
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    I have it on hand when I run Deca or Tren.
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    New Guy

    Hey everyone. 44 yo male. Been on TRT since I was 33. Been on a few cycles the last few years. Currently on 700mg test e, 250mg Deca, 200mg Tren E, 150 Tren A weekly. On week 5 of cycle.
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    ASF Rules-Must Read

    Sounds good