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    &gt;&gt;How to test HGH: HGH Testing Protocol&lt;&lt;

    Guys if your injectiong 100ius into a bottle its def fake, ive personaly only seen growth in 10 and 15 iu bottles, reason for intramuscular injection is that your body breaks it down faster into igf-1 , where as injecting into fat or subq breaks down slower into your bloodstream,
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    Happy Easter

    916 i have a question for you, im finishing a cycle of tren ace, sustanon 250, and npp, have 2 weeks left on it, i have a cutting cycle next and would run primotest 600 and masteron, or should i run the primotest 600 and winstrol? Or both winny and masteron... Your thoughts? I...
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    I have ALOT of questions.

    Any mens clinic will test you blood, be honest and tell the doc what your doing, hes not a cop hes a physician, i go to an ageless mens health every 3 months for bloodwork, cost is $95.00 usd, money well spent, its worth it to keep gyno effects down, and if he sees an abnormality he can...
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    I have ALOT of questions.

    There is a sublingual boldenone, its a chinese lab but has very high purity levels
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    New member need some insight

    Spot on bro
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    New member need some insight

    All your answers are here, tes cyp and dbol are great together if your eating right and training harder, thumb thru the forums, read the stickies,
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    I have ALOT of questions.

    Completely missed the whole 1st cycle thing...... On the other hand theres nothing like jumping in head first. The side effects alone may push him to never run gear again. Could blessng in disguise. So now knowing its his 1st cycle.... I would stick to orals. Little harder on the...
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    I have ALOT of questions.

    Body weight? Height? Tren ace and test cyp are good together if you can handle the side effects...