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    What’s up Custom, you alright brotha??

    Did you ever watch the show on Vice called 'The Dark Side of Football"? It had an episode about the Raiders and several interviews with Romanowski. It a decent watch and the guy was an animal but definitely had some issues.
  2. mastiff

    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    I am sure the red cross is making an exception for this but according to there own guide you should be 12 months out from taking any non approved "experimental" vaccine. Just pointing out how things are interpreted. If it were any other experimental vaccine I am sure they would turn you away.
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    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    What about blood donations? According to the Red Cross you can't donate within a year of taking an unlicensed or experimental vaccine. Would the new covid vaccine not qualify as both unlicensed and experimental?
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    Shocking Cuomo Can Murder People

    Notice you haven't heard much about Cuomo's sexual harassment suit at all lately either. Weird how that is getting buried.
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    Shocking Cuomo Can Murder People

    Well this shouldn't surprise anyone. That scumbag Cuomo put all the covid patients in nursing homes thereby subjecting the actual people that were at risk of death. Now the DOJ says there won't be any investigation into it. Funny do you think if a Republican governor was in that state there...
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    Police video: Use of force incident at Walmart in East Syracuse NY

    Some actually do receive a one time check. Again since I am not native american I don't know the specifics but some members do get a one time check at 18. I have seen it many times growing up. Perhaps the tribe where I am located gets more money from that then others I don't know. The checks...
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    Police video: Use of force incident at Walmart in East Syracuse NY

    I can't say if they get monthly checks but depending on your tribe and what percentage you are you definitely can qualify for a one time check in addition to free/reduced healthcare and housing. The article you have there is California specific and is more about Indian casino revenue. Everything...
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    Police video: Use of force incident at Walmart in East Syracuse NY

    What percentage native american are you? Also can you prove the percentage? If you are a certain percent and can prove it you qualify for certain things. The full blooded natives get a lot and very few do anything productive with it. Yup I have grown up around it. The stupid fucks here...
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    Police video: Use of force incident at Walmart in East Syracuse NY

    Well we have seen how well reparations have worked out with Indians oops I mean native americans. I have grown up around those native pieces of shit. Depending on what percentage of indian they are they get a pretty nice check at 16 and 18 I believe. oh and then there is all the free health care...
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    Apollo update

    I would be very suspicious of what he sent you. The fact that he made good on your order you payed for isn't anything that deserves praise. If he didn't have it in stock when you payed for it he shouldn't be taking the orders. Now if his shipper fucked him over he may be cutting corners to get...
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    Haiti Situation

    Well at least the media is finally reporting on some black on black crime for a change.
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    If your trying to access it on tapatalk I think there are some issues. Try visiting this link through a regular browser to see if it's your issue. Tapatalk? Is it gone? | MESO-Rx Forum (thinksteroids.com)
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    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    No doubt. I remember when getting a credit card was a huge deal. I mean if you had a visa card you were balling. That and the old credit card machines that were the size of a mini cash register and weighed probably 20 lbs. They had the carbon copy they would put it then place your card in it and...
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    All the real info behind Cosby. Watch the whole video...

    Does it occur that some women never go to the cops because they think "who is going to believe me? This guy has such a wholesome image to millions and millions of people will they think that he literally drugged and raped me?". At the time these things were happening he was very popular and had...
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    Which one of you guys is this?

    Well I think it's pretty obvious who "The Video Guy" is. Looks like Mighty Mouse put on a little weight in Middle East.