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    By Any Means Necessary

    Best workouts I ever had were in a gym with no ac. It was a hardcore bodybuilding gym with lots of competitors. But it sucked when the heat hit triple digits, and I tried to get there in the a.m. when I could. Too bad there is no hardcore gym like that around me now.
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    So are you cutting or bulking (and why)?
  3. malfeasance

    Prayers for REHH and His Wife..

    Argh, I hate to hear this. Thanks for letting us know, and I will do as you have asked.
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    Alpha Simga Labs sponsored pre contest cut

    Do you not use carbs in the last few days pre contest to get fuller? FYI - your thread has inspired me to finally cut back my calories and hit cardio daily or almost daily.
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    Man gets prison time for posting memes

    He entered a plea of guilty and got 5 months in jail (he has little kids). There is a woman who has pleaded not guilty and is going to trial in August. Ex-police constable facing jail over string of racist WhatsApp messages
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    Cycles or Cruise

    Were . . . what? What were they? Don't leave us hanging like that!
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    2 year old hits puberty...

    Dad is 65, wife is obviously much younger (22 years younger). Of course he uses testosterone. But why cream? Is everybody just that afraid of needles? Seems pretty stupid to expose your small child to it. I hope this does not screw up the kid permanently somehow.
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    You got knocked the ___ out!

    I didn't realize he was 57. How much street red can you preserve when a guy with an AARP card knocks you out cold?
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    Cycles or Cruise

    There are actual studies on recovery, usually looking at fertility. The results are basically 100% over 18 to 24 months.
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    I'm a fat fuck: What cycle should I be doing?

    Sign up for MyFitnessPal yet?
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    Alpha Simga Labs sponsored pre contest cut

    Are you three weeks out?
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    Cycles or Cruise

    What does running that 250/200 test/eq constantly do to your hematocrit?
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    What's your rep range - Red or white?

    I have been experimenting lately with anywhere from 12-25. Especially legs. Sets of 20 on the leg press or for squats is no joke.
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    Michael Avenetii To Plead Guilty Faces Up To 300 Years In Prison

    He already has 5 from the two prior cases, so that would be another 5-10.
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    Augustine TREN Transformation LOGG

    Have you lost any body weight since May 18, when you started?