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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    I'd read about DOMS lessening with L-Carnitine and this week I was just wondering since it's my first go around with the stuff hmmm, am I having any benefits? Especially after all the pinning. Can't say I have noticed any weight loss either. But this week I did two very traumatic tough...
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    Tired after donating?

    Have you been donating frequently or not often?
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    I guess maybe its not for MPB... But some of the result pictures of people who grew their hair back. Wow. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10916909/Drug-treat-alopecia-condition-famous-Jada-Pinkett-Smith-approved-FDA.html
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    Wow...so when are we able to get our hands on this stuff? After 36 weeks, 40 percent on the higher dose grew 80 percent of their hair back. I guess one question would be would this ever become underground? And if not, I'm sure the formula closely held, I'm guessing the prices would be...
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    You got knocked the ___ out!

    Seems it was clear self defense. The guy was clearly bouncing from one attack to another and got what was coming to him.
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    Tired after donating?

    Happened to me once after my first few donations. First couple I was great then suddenly my 3rd or 4th, the next day I hit rock-bottom. It was awful. I read after 3 donations in a year a male's iron could get low. So I checked it and my ferritin level was like 7. I think normal low is 35 or so...
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    Hmmm... No thread about (believed) Trumper that killed blacks in Buffalo?

    He is clearly a racist mental case. Plenty of these emotionally disturbed on both sides
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    Hmmm... No thread about (believed) Trumper that killed blacks in Buffalo?

    There are racists on both sides. Anyone that doesn't realize that is an idiot. Here is Kamala buying a book on white rage. Kamala Harris kisses husband Doug Emhoff with her mask ON
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    No One Wants to Work in Biden's America

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    Why is There a Baby Formula Shortage?

    This Administration has no clue
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    Biden amendments hand over US sovereignty to W.H.O.

    It's scary where these idiots want to take us.
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    My home brew L-Carnitine.....

    Doomed, in addition to dragonslayer01's question, how do you make B12 injections? How often? I have done some research that there is such a thing as too much also. How to know you need B12? Blood tests? Interested in the MIC as well.
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    MT2 Nausea Solutions?

    They say some people are way more sensitive than others. Try 50 mcg per day for 2 days, then 100 mcg per day for 2 days, then 150, 200... You can either mix more Bac water in a different vial or continue to use the one you have. 0.01 cc = 33 0.02 cc = 66 0.03 cc = 99 And so on... If can't do...
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    IronLion Sale on Raws

    Everything I have ordered has been top notch.