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    I think I have two addresses listed for my order. But I made sure to pick Arizona as the shipping address. Is there any way they might accidentally send it to my Alaska address?

    I'll be sending money out soon.

    Hey brother, been a while... You have a good source that you're willing to share with me? My local guy been lagging and not responding.
    - Khong duoc, ben trong rat nguy hiem, nguoi tien vao se bi da dung do, van nhat neu dung phai cho bi sup, can ban se khong co duong ra dau, se bi khon chet luon day. - Ban Nai Dac hao tam nhac nho.
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    - Nhu vay thi ta di vao cung bon ho thuong luong, xem bon ho co dong y khong. - Ban Nai Dac suy nghi mot chut, de cho hai ai nhan diu di, mot lan nua tien vao mo quang.chung cư hateco hoàng mai
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    Last I spoke with you, Olympus was going offline when I received my order I thought I was also going to receive contact info for next purchase. Did I misunderstand?
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