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    Protein intake and Kidney Stones (with pix)

    So, the stone or pain didn’t pass. Ended up going in the hospital and have them scope and get it. It was 1/4 inch calcium oxalate stone that looked like a crystal. You know like a piece of kryptonite from the Superman movies. Now the reason for the delayed reply. A day and a half after the...
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    Protein intake and Kidney Stones (with pix)

    Yes, calcium oxalate. It was 1/4 inch and look like a crystal with sharp jagged edges. LowT
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    Protein intake and Kidney Stones (with pix)

    Yes, one is being tested. Put me on antibiotics and Flomax to try to get the other one to move. Another CT Scan scheduled to see if it moved from the Ureter. Has happened twice before. Once we were successful in getting it to move. The other time had to have surgery. No cutting, they just go...
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    Protein intake and Kidney Stones (with pix)

    Dr. said to lay off the protien, red meat, poultry, eggs, seafood & coffee. Increase milk & water. Saw Arnold’s post below and posted a quote from it so you don’t have to link to it. Too much apparently causes this….. LowT...
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    Picked up some pred with my BP medx from Safemeds4all. Running about 10 days and is sent via USPS with tracking. LowT
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    Taking GymNtonic Nebivolol advice to the test…with results

    Ordered some generic Bystolic, Nebivolol, to see if I could get some better results than the Norvasc that I was taking. I ordered about 10 months supply for about $75, but it was the generic. My reading today after 2 weeks was 115/78, my best reading in a year! This is the second...
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    Dark mode?

    Agree, its growing on me. We did have the old version alooong time. LowT
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    Left Over Stuff from Old Sponsors

    I would use the DQ stuff. They were solid. LowT
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    Elevated liver enzymes on blood test

    And………..what Vision said. LowT
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    Elevated liver enzymes on blood test

    Good read, but only “part” of a larger abstract from a medical journal Univ of Oxford. LowT Liver enzymes The liver enzymes are in two main groups – ALP and GGT, produced predominantly by the bile ducts; and ALT and AST, produced predominantly by hepatocytes. Liver enzymes are a poor...
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    Blood Pressure Medication question

    Yup :twothumbs: Dont I feel like a dumbass now. I'm not so sure about this search sometimes, and went back to 2019. But you found it and confirmed I am stupid. Thanks. LowT
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    Blood Pressure Medication question

    Sorry for another BP post, but I have searched through about 2 years of posts and can't find the one I am looking for thus the question. I take Carditone, thanks Gymntonic, and Norvasc. It is still working pretty well but could be better. There was a post about specific prescription meds...
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    It is because they are use to it. They are at best 1 generation away from being a communist state. My relatives were communists, not powerful people, farmers, from East Germany. It is less of a political party, but a cultural & mental way of life that has been cultivated far longer than a...
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    Canadian Truckers

    The reality is that this is starting to backfire. I support them, but to shut down the border? Sure, it gets peoples attention but does it accomplish what they want? I have product for my restaurants being delayed for over a week, which means I am having to go to a different supplier. My...
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    Everyone seems to be getting on board that we have to live with COVID

    Stopped by one of my restaurants this morning and there were no spots for me to park. Seems everyone is tired of COVID and getting on board with the fact that we will just have to live with it. My entrance/exit is back left. The white car is leaving, and the red car is entering. Obviously, I...