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    Request a Product List Here

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    Post Pictures of Your Dog Contest!

    his head on the table begging for my test
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    I made the post titled fake gear, the results are in, it was not fake

    wonder how many people think they were scammed 1st time out----i know i did ,well actually i was because i only got half the order from one of the biggest shops back then- but what i got was asskicking!
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    ice cubes are pretty cool
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    Sunrisepharma a scam? how to vet a source

    i think i would trust any store here---if something happens its probably just bad luck and not a scam
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    this is my twitter

    how many reps?
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    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    joe biden is fucking weird
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    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    maybe we need to condemn most of them ---like now! and start over
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    Testosterone Gel

    i was curious because doc offered it --told him i still have large box of pins so not yet
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    Weak erections on TRT

    yeah i remember eq fuggin my shit up for months
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    Low back tightness

    just don't make things worse!----i had to start all over about 4 months ago--you know what its like having to do very light weights off knees to protect back? it sucks dirty ass---i am very slowly getting there but its become work and no longer fun
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    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

    not for my old ass
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    Testosterone Gel

    i have been curious about how the gell works compared to injecting ---
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    High Reps Vs. Low Reps, The Science!

    lotta test and lotta reps!!!!!
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    Low back tightness

    be careful ! i had to take a few years off because of my back--not fun