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    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

    what about people who have been here quite awhile but don't have 500 posts?
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    Does your significant other know your are on gear?

    yep she is cool with it because she knows the test relieves quite a bit of the back pain
  3. lottalead

    Heart attack

    i wish you the best ---heart attack was beginning of my down fall----do not do what i did and go jogging as soon as they release you!
  4. lottalead

    spine stimulator?

    update on spine stimulator----got the implant in!----holy fuck!!!!nobody told me going into labor for 2 days was a side effect! was like somebody stuck a knife in my gut every 5 min!--thats a lotta swearing and scaring the shit out of nurses--- i kept apologizing and making jokes about not...
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    spine stimulator?

  6. lottalead

    47 years old, cycle advice sought

    when i was in late 40s early 50si went to straight test enth--- 250--500 a week--- i also found working out like i was cutting with lighter weights and more reps the quality of muscle was better and also kept a lot more----i never stopped this type of workout since--at 62 i am not in great...
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    spine stimulator?

    I WAS LOOKING oh you meant for the stim lol---i remembered from the 1st pic
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    spine stimulator?

    thats your wife??? dammmmmm and thanks
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    spine stimulator?

    i just got the temp one taken out-----i am shocked at how well it worked!----not only my back--but my hip flexor and my knee----gotta to surgeon about permanent one---hope they don't drag their asses like everything else, would not be so bad if they would give me pain meds instead of saving for...
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    spine stimulator?

    yes i have one but in storage and kicking my ass for not bringing it here used live in gravity boots glad to hear! get the temp one in tomorrow
  11. lottalead

    spine stimulator?

    tens send me in shock lol -- hot tubs helps a lot but only while i am in----right now i have 3 herniated discs a cist against spine and full of arthritis
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    spine stimulator?

    hey everyone--turning 62 and back still sucks they want to put a stimulator in my spine-(doubt it will help) seems more like a gimmick,kinda like you see on tv for working out lol anyway wondering if anyone has had to try it and if it worked-------also i have been pissed at docs for refusing...
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    A rookie over 70

    turn 62 and shit got very hard---you at 70 is very impressive
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    Testosterone Types and Delivery

    was gonna ask about this thanks
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    Anyone else have an open minded doctor?

    i am 61 when mine put me on test last year he said, "you still have your own pins right?' i had to laugh then he said be careful and stop a month before blood work otherwise your red cells will be too high even though you will just get that crap you get online again--he laughed when i told him...