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  • خدماتنا متميزة لمن يبحث عن صيانة المسابح او تنظيفها من خلال شركة ركن البيت التي تقدم افضل شركة تنظيف مسابح بالرياض التي تقدم هذه الاعمال باحترافية من خلال الفنين المتخصصين في صيانة المسابح فعليك متابعة شركة صيانة مسابح بالرياض للوصول بخدمة الي اعلي مستويات يمكنك البحث ايضا من خلال شركة نظافة مسابح بالرياض
    If you rep H-AS then you know they threatened to not resend my package if I posted in sub forum again.
    Lied and said it was reshipped Monday and said they would reship today.. All lies.
    They wouldn't bully me in person because I'd end their life real fast. You don't take a mans money and then tell them not to tell others. This forum is for us to learn and share.. I lost $700 plus on this deal and had to reorder it all from Paxton because they deliver.
    Email me personally at and I'll forward it all to you.
    Even asked if I was African not American..
    Every excuse I was given was like they think I'm stupid.. They ripped me off and I lost my ass...
    I'm going to administration with this if I don't get totally compensated Plus.
    Bro, I have problems with your web site I can't get in, do you have a new one?
    Can I ask you for the things that I want here?
    Can I get a estimate if I was to order how long it wkild take to ship and how long it would take to get to.smyrna tn and vanilla card.are the gold o es rigght?
    Ladies and gentlemen, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has officially arrived, and while it might not have been able to meet the sky-high expectations, it’s treated us to a ton of new features - See More: unlocked samsung galaxy S5
    I'm making an order and the disclaimer says I need to have a prescription? Can u explain that?
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