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    New here? Updated List Thread! SB LABS

    List plz
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    November 15% discount questions

    I'm wondering why you only offered a 15% discount when xxxxx who has been around for 5+ years always offers 20% off when paid with bitcoin. As a veteran on this board it gives little incentive to give your lab a try. Just saying I would try you guys but you haven't offered a deal worth pulling...
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    Hey love your 50mg proviron and was wondering when you guys will have it back in stock. Thankyou.
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    Is there ever a sale?

    I appreciate the response. Thankyou.
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    Is there ever a sale?

    Been on this forum for years as so has this source. I have never seen you guys have a promo sale. I would love to give you guys a try but I have honestly been waiting for a deal before I pull the trigger. Black Friday sale maybe?
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    Who wants to try Flash⚡️Labs gear for FREE?

    Tits! I'll be sure to leave a review
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    Who wants to try Flash⚡️Labs gear for FREE?

    I would live to try u guys aswell I have used DQ mast and test aswell as juicepal mast and test
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    Aap 25% off sale

    List plz
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    Body Wrapping Revolution

    It's true people are allergic to hard work....
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    Another reason to love asians

    Yeah I was expecting a hot Asian chick too now I'm disappointed lol
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    Dr dre earbuds

    I recommend LG tones. There Bluetooth headphone that sound great and have no wires. Can't beat that
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    Lifting straps

    Straps are over rated I feel they only serve a place at the end of your workout when your going hard otherwise ur missing out on forearm development and grip strength.
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    Dogs and AAS

    That would be really odd to give a dog aas immoral in my opinion
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    Cheat meal addictions

    I love fat burritos with extra cheese, lots of candy Australian red licorice, Ben & Jerry's ice cream ( chocolate therapy)
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    Baby While On Gear?

    I would research taking high doses of hug while your trying to make a baby. I beleave that will be what u wanna do