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    Is there any benefit to adding anavar to test/masteron?

    Only way to know is try it. I just switched up my dosage to 250 test, 250 tren, 700 mast a week and 50mg var daily and mutated over the past three weeks, to the point my brother just told me I look like a bodybuilder, and my barber just asked what show I was preping for.
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    Discharge from nipples

    That’s some bad karma. But I’m the end he will have all the experience in the world about how to handle side effects
  3. Lifeguardkliff

    What did you inject today? 💉

    100mg mast e, 50mg tren ace, 40mg test prop, 600mg l-carnitine
  4. Lifeguardkliff

    DHB vs NPP experiences needed

    Tren and npp your a better man then I sir. Last week I got home from the gym and some homeless fuck was throwing trash all over my yard, told the guy to put it all back in the garbage can he got in my face asked what I was gonna do about it so I pointed to a car on my street told him I was...
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    DHB vs NPP experiences needed

    I feel the same with tren, I get annoyed a little faster but I’ve always had a bit of a short fuse, other then that a little heart burn but worth every second in my opinion
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    Then ur balls don’t work
  7. Lifeguardkliff

    Ace labs

    They are my go to
  8. Lifeguardkliff

    How small can your testes actually get

    Mine haven’t shrunk at all, my gear must be bunk, if I get bloods what should my tren levels be at if I’m on a gram a week? Asking for a friend…
  9. Lifeguardkliff

    Pre Blast Advice

    There is absolutely no reason to come off your trt and while your at it get rid of the pct and just enjoy the gains
  10. Lifeguardkliff

    Have you tried Ace Labs Primo?

    Their var is definitely quality got some samples of the 25mg that I used at the beginning of my cut and got good results and some great pumps
  11. Lifeguardkliff

    Have you tried Ace Labs Primo?

    I’ve never tried their primo plan on doing a run later this year. I’m using their test p, mast p, and tren ace right now and it’s been an amazing run
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    Did you mean trenkesterone?
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    Ravenous hunger

    Started my cut a few weeks ago 300 test, 500 tren, 500 mast and the tren makes me feel like I haven’t eaten in two weeks. Tren does an amazing job at nutrient partitioning and I’m assuming it causes you to burn through macros at an accelerated rate meaning your body wants to fuel more often...
  14. Lifeguardkliff

    Tren dosage for distance runner

    Test and t-bol are your friend. Up until last year I was training for Ironman and could run 10mil nonstop at a 7:10 pace, cut to today I’m on tren and 2 miles is a fuckin bitch
  15. Lifeguardkliff

    Tren E or Tri Tren

    Bump. I’m running tren ace for my cut but thinking about running a long ester cycle this winter and tri tren has always peeled my interest