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    Got cheated?

    My guy got a kilo tren from a source from us domesti with very cheap price but he thought he was got cheated. Because tren color was green and tested shit. I hope you guys don't get cheated from that source and to be careful before ordering, don't be fooled by appearances...
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    New Member Intro

    Welcome aboard !
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    Injectable mtren

    Please reach me to get injectable 10ml Vial Range contains EO AND SOLVENT Mtren 2500mcg/ml
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    Welcome to join us friend !
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    Jobo from BOP

    Welcome to ASF
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    New here

    Welcome aboard mate :)
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    Hi Sachie, welcome to ASF:p
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    Hello from MrsBot!

    Hello Mrs B, on behalf of Landmark chem welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to ASF mate :)
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    Welcome to ASF, 9TMARE
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    Newbie! Saying Hello

    Hello mate, welcome to ASF
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    Back to gym - lost all contacts

    Welcome back to the forum bro. Thank you for the PM, just replied it. :D